Dear Kathy

These heart shaped pillows that Jessie’s Heart donates have become a favorite for cardio kids (those whove had open heart surgery). Not only do they play an important part in recovery, the pillows become a comfort to the kids as they begin their healing process

Its important for patients to cough after open heart surgery to aid in recovery and possible prevention of complications. But with that comes some discomfort and very real apprehension. So holding the pillow against themselves when breathing deeply and coughing and even cushioning a sneeze, they can give themselves physical support and emotional comfort. 

The kids take their pillow home with them to use it throughout their recovery. When they no longer need it, the heart pillow remains as a fixture in the child’s room as a symbol that they have recovered and their heart is strong. And whenever needed, they can give themselves a hug with it

Together we can make a difference for families with kids diagnosed with heart defects! 

With our sincere thanks for all your continued donations that allow us to provide valuable items like the cough pillows delivered to Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children. A few of their cardio staff members are pictured with pillows above

JC Heinen

Founder of Jessies Heart